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Belfast’s Award Winning Acupuncturist

The acupuncturist Trish O’ Hara Lic Ac, BSc(hons), MBAcC has over 15 years of experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine and specialises in pain relief, fertility, cosmetic acupuncture.


More and more people are turning to acupuncture as it works!

Trish is a genuine and lovely person, makes you very relaxed and happy. I found the booking system very user friendly. I find after each treatment I’ve had, I feel like a new and refreshed person-compared to when I first walk in! I would highly recommend Trish and her treatments to everyone.
— Fiona Mc Toal, Facebook Review
I have been suffering with back pain for a long time, I went to Trish and not only did she relieve my back pain but she was so lovely to deal with, very friendly and helped me relax instantly!
— Siobhan McGoldrick, Facebook Review
I just adore my time here with Trish, I seem to always float home. Today I floated home on revived knees which really seem like new knees. Her IQ in both body and treatment is very impressive and practical. Highly recommended any one to visit and discuss your wee faults for correction or areas for improvement.
— Rachel Gray, Facebook Review
I quickly gained complete confidence in Trish’s expertise and knowledge. Acupuncture quickly became the highlight of my week and it soon felt like I was visiting a friend as much as receiving treatment.
After years of fertility issues and recurrent miscarriage following a second-trimester pregnancy loss. I fell pregnant! Most importantly, I stayed pregnant and I continued to have acupuncture throughout the pregnancy which I feel was so beneficial for me and my baby. I went on to have a beautiful healthy baby girl, and I am eternally grateful to Trish.
— Crystal Miles, Facebook Review