Do you suffer from Arthritis? Would you like to receive subsidised treatment?

At The Acupuncturist, I regularly see clients who have chronic pain due to arthritic changes. Acupuncture helps to reduce the aches and pains that are associated with arthritis. Acupuncture also reduces inflammation, fluid build up, and increases micro-circulation. Acupuncture really help to ease arthritis pain as it changes how the brain processes pain.

About Arthritis Action

Arthritis Action (Registered Charity No. 292569) is a UK charity offering an integrated self-management approach to combat the impact of arthritis.

Members of the Charity can choose from a range of relevant, evidence-based services designed to enables them to live active lives with less pain. These include:

  • Self-management educational events and Arthritis Action Groups

  • Healthy eating and weight management consultations with a qualified dietitian

  • An interactive website and informative magazine

  • Access to subsidised physical therapies through the Associated Practitioner scheme

Subsidised Treatments at The Acupuncturist

I am proud to be collaborating with the Charity as Associate Practitioners, to offer people with arthritis subsidised acupuncture treatments

To find out more about how Arthritis Action can help you, visit their website